Hemant :) a techie based in Manchester, currently working at Accenture. Working in technology for over a decade I have learnt a few lessons that I try to share here. Be it technology modernisation, securing applications, development workflows and infrastructure, or leading engineering teams to help them make better decisions, I care about how software is built and the impact technology can have on improving human condition. I believe in lean development, just enough design up-front and delivering effective software through Continuous Delivery.

I’m interested in cloud engineering, application security and using data to drive decision making. I also write and speak about designing, testing and securing software. Amidst rambling about stuff I also manage to write some code which is available on my GitHub page. It has a bunch of things, from open source contributions to what I am currently learning and experimenting with.

Having worked with SAAS companies in product development and with IT consultancies driving digital transformation, I have a broad experience in helping financial services, retail and public sector businesses leverage technology to improve operations and build new customer experiences in the cloud. As a Principal Consultant at Accenture, I help client executives make informed decisions about cloud migrations, make optimal cloud native choices from containerisation to serverless architectures and lead engineering teams to be more data driven by adopting observability as a means of driving operational excellence and security. Previously, I led BeyondTrust’s Endpoint Privilege Management solution move to a cloud ready SaaS platform and Kalibrate’s fuel retail pricing product move to a CI/CD delivery model by adopting microservices and cloud native applications. In a software consultancy role at Thoughtworks I worked on various digital transformation projects. It meant helping the business model their domain, identifying service boundaries in a micro-services architecture, simplifying APIs to be RESTful, building CI/CD pipelines, running security threat modelling sessions, hassle people about sticking to the testing pyramid or just pairing with someone on a complex problem.

When not at work - cricket, cars, yoga and hiking keep me occupied. Incidentally I also happen to have completely dispassionate opinions and views encompassing politics, history, Indian philosophy and cultural thought. Some of my musings can be found on Twitter and in this space too.